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Certified Barefoot Masters Instructor & Therapist

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Ashiatsu is the deepest, most luxurious massage on earth!

CE Massage Training

Learn Barefoot Massage Intro to Ashiatsu Stretch!  Our detailed list of classes discusses each class individually, expectations and cost.

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Brush up on your Patho with a massage therapist who is also a current graduate student in the College of Nursing at UAMS.

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From a full body Ashiatsu barefoot massage to a prenatal massage, your body will thank you.

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About Barefoot Bodyworks

The story began with me learning Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage… and morphed into so much more!

I discovered Ashiatsu Barefoot massage 10 years into my career as a bodyworker. I was experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and would cringe when clients would request deep tissue massage. Within 5 minutes of receiving my first barefoot massage in training, I knew I had made the right decision about choosing to learn the barefoot modality. I am elated to report at 21 years into my career I am pain-free! My first massage of the day is just as strong as my last thanks to Ashiatsu! My clients report they cannot imagine having any other type of bodywork after experiencing the amazing results from Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.


Barefoot Bodyworks specializes in several massage modalities. Click on a class type to see our detailed list of classes, expectations, and cost.

Ashiatsu Massage Training

Learn Barefoot Massage Intro to Ashiatsu Stretch!

Bamboo Massage Training

Learn a massage technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of various lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work.

Fijian Massage Training

Learn the Fijian massage technique designed for deep tissue massage to be applied either by standing but preferably sitting in a chair.

Patho Made Easy

Learn how massage can help heal the human body. It’s a convergence of pathology with physiology.